Give Your People What They Want!

If you run a business and have even a small staff, take note. According to a recent story from Kathleen Davis for Entrepreneur, money is important, but likely not THE most important aspect of your employee’s sense of fulfillment on the job.

Citing a study by author Daniel Pink, today’s eager-beavers are more motivated by autonomy on the job, achieving a sense of mastery with their work and developing a feeling of purpose by contributing to the greater good.

As business owners, we tend to acknowledge outstanding performance with a salary increase. Often, when taxes are deducted the “before-and-after” difference in paychecks is underwhelming.

But rewarding a key staffer with more autonomy and a deeper connection to the organization’s true mission are the gifts that keep on giving.

Take a moment and link to a great infographic that’s chocked full of terrific insights.