Don’t Make Multitasking An Excuse For Failing to Get Things Done.

A short blog post from Under-30 CEO caught our eyes late last week: Common Leadership Mistakes Smart Leaders Must Avoid.

The five cited in this article:

Mistake 1: You fret about everything.
Mistake 2: You take employees for granted.
Mistake 3: You imitate others.
Mistake 4: You fail to manage things.
Mistake 5: You multitask.

It all makes sense, except for the multitasking. We’re surrounded by technology that makes it easier than ever to tackle several tasks simultaneously. Multitasking often makes us feel more important, more essential.

But when we stop getting things done, when quality suffers, it’s time to focus on prioritizing and executing single tasks, one at a time.

As the article states: “Focusing too much on multitasking while overlooking the quality of work makes your associates think that you are only concerned about the volume and not about the quality. Do not forget that poor quality can be the kiss of death for any business.”

Link to the article here.