The American Manufacturing Edge

“We are reaching a tipping point, where Americans are relearning its competitive advantage. It’s not about the cheapest product, but the best quality product.”

The quote from Robert von Goeben, co-founder of California-based Green Toys, was featured in last week’s CBNC story, “Made in the USA: More Consumers buying American.”

The article details the rising labor costs in China, along with other factors that are causing a return of manufacturing to the U.S. Of particular interest are products made of recycled materials. According to Jenna Sellers Miller, president of Architec Housewares, “It’s easier to manufacture green products domestically because sourcing of recycled materials including recycled plastic is particularly plentiful and transparent in the U.S.”

We look no further than Upstate-based O’Dell Corporation for evidence of that. Makers of the most innovative industrial mops, O’Dell was a pioneer in using recycled materials to create a better mop.

Thanks to companies like O’Dell, “Made in the USA” stands for a return to quality and innovation.