Three Ways to Cultivate the Leader within You.

George Ambler is a respected blogger on the subject of leadership. Today’s post is a short zinger: 3 Ways Leaders Invest in Themselves. You can link to Ambler’s original post here.

Two of his suggestions you may have heard before:

• Surround yourself with dynamic people.

• Read great, inspiring books.

It’s the third idea we rarely think about: Being (getting) fit. As he writes: “For leaders, being fit and healthy matters. The demands of leadership can be strenuous, as effective leadership requires you initiate action, manage your emotional response and deal with the constant barrage of issues and daily concerns. Therefore it’s essential that you prioritise the physical part of leading, that is keeping fit and staying healthy.”

When we think about it, it’s true that fatigue robs us of our creative energy and willpower to tackle the most challenging issues of the day. We don’t normally associate physical fitness with leadership, but it’s really an imperative for effective small business owners.

How would you rate the quality of your associations outside of work? How would you score your professional reading habits? How close are you to reaching your potential for physical strength and endurance?

We’re a few days from the beginning of Spring. A good milestone for instituting positive changes into our lives.