Harnessing the Power of Storytelling.

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The May issue of Success (magazine) has a good story from Emma Johnson titled “Once Upon a Time in Marketing: Harness the Power of Storytelling.” In it, Johnson turns to some of the sharpest minds in marketing to illustrate the art of using stories to create emotional connections with your services and products.

According to Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, when faced with the choice of two comparable products, we’ll choose the one we connect with emotionally. “But to get there, you have to tell a human story that connects your story to a higher purpose. Don’t talk about making stuff just to make stuff. Tell a story about products that make the soul sing or make the world a better place.”

Generally speaking, good stories are typically built around conflict and transformation. Most successful small business owners can trace their own enterprises back to a turning point … a defining moment that forced them to make changes that would alter their business trajectory forever.

These narratives, when supplemented with a little market data and personal insights, have a powerful impact.

If you haven’t considered the potential of the stories within your business, give it a try. Whether told person-to-person, on your website or in a video, stories can differentiate you and help you achieve that emotional connection.

For more insights about the power of storytelling, we refer you to the “Storytelling” section of the Success website.