How Not To Undermine Your Leadership.

Entrepreneurs are typically driven into business because of a consuming passion to do or make something that far exceeds the status quo. By necessity, as their business grows, they are forced into a leadership position, with an entire organization looking to them for consistent guidance.

Some make the transition from “doer” to leader naturally. For others, it’s a challenge. But one thing that’s certain, businesses with lasting success don’t happen without effective leadership.

Last week, Josh Linker, a frequent contributor to Forbes, compiled a list of eight behaviors that will undermine leadership. These are:

1. Violating trust.
2. Being selfish instead of a servant leader.
3. Lacking focus and flip-flopping on priorities.
4. Being “user-unfriendly.”
5. Dealing in fantasy instead of science.
6. Lacking passion and creativity.
7. Playing checkers instead of chess (not thinking a few moves ahead).
8. Acting as if it’s just about what you way (and ignoring how you make others feel).

If you manage people … if you run an organization, reading this short article will help you honestly evaluate and address your leadership effectiveness.

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