What Every Business Owner Should Know: Business Interruption Insurance

For a business owner, one question you probably don’t spend a lot of time asking yourself is what would happen in the event a disaster shut down your business. For most, the idea seems far-fetched. But stories of businesses being dramatically impacted by weather or other unforeseen events are regularly reported on the national news.

To better understand the advantages, limitations and costs of Business Interruption service … as well as to receive an objective professional assessment of your overall business insurance coverage, we recommend a conversation with a representative of Countybanc Insurance. In the Greenville SC area, Rudy Painter is one of the leading experts on business insurance for small businesses.

This short interview with Rudy gives you some excellent insights about Business Interruption Insurance. You can reach him at 864-335-2455, or visit the Countybanc Insurance website.

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