4 Ways To Get The Most From A Team.

We read the story recently of Master Power Transmission, a Greenville-based manufacturer of workhorse power transmission products for industrial applications. The industry norm for turnaround on an order for a gear reducer was typically 6-8 weeks. At Master PT, they set an “audacious” goal of fulfilling customer orders for the most common parts and products in 48 hours.



Probably. But they are, in fact, doing it! To accomplish the goal took the full buy-in from a team comprised of workers throughout the plant.

Which brings us to this powerful short insight we found in the Harvard Business Review blog (4 Things Every Team Needs). Here are the conclusions:

1. A meaningful common purpose.
2. Specific performance goals.
3. Commitment to how the work gets done.
4. Mutual accountability.

Not coincidentally, these four points were at the foundation of Master Power Transmission’s accomplishment. In fact, without ANY one of these, the company would likely have fallen short of its goal.

Something to think about when you’re planning to change the culture, process or dynamics in your operation.

By the way, want to know more about how Master PT did it? Here’s a short video from company CEO Michael Cinquemani.

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