Think Big. Think Small.

Note: “Fresh Ideas” are published each week by Countybank and its family of financial service companies. With financial centers in Greenville and Greenwood, Countybank has a team of highly engaged professionals ready to bring a full scope of financial solutions designed to help families and business owners reach their goals.

A short blog post from Ken Mueller published this morning speaks to what seems to be a paradox for small business owners. On one hand, entrepreneurs are dreamers; you see an opportunity and attack it. You think big.

But as Mueller reminds us, bigger isn’t always better.

As he writes: “In the rush to think big, we often confuse it with acting big. No matter how large you get, don’t lose your small spirit and feel. Don’t lose the small culture that attracted people to you and made your small business successful in the first place.”

This philosophy guides us at Countybank. Like most community banks, we place the highest value on building an enduring relationship with our clients by working to understand your personal and business goals on a more meaningful level. But unlike many community banks, we bring a level of sophistication in our banking products comparable to America’s largest financial institutions. Our ingenuity, combined with a corporate culture that’s remained constant for 80 years, continues to differentiate the Countybank brand.

The same is probably true in your company. The best small businesses work to expand their capabilities to respond to the changing needs of their best customers. But you do this without sacrificing your unique DNA … their defining values, culture and personality that serves as the foundation for everything you do.