How To Get The Most From LinkedIn.

As a business owner or manager, you’ve probably created a LinkedIn profile for yourself and developed a network of friends and business contacts. It’s natural to think of LinkedIn as a passive tool: “OK, I’ve got a profile and have made friends … now what?”

Like Facebook, LinkedIn continues to make changes that add to its usefulness. Most recently, those with profiles have been given the capability to upload videos and PDFs. This can be done simply by clicking the “edit” option and following the steps on the Summary, Experience and Education sections. This video gives you more insight into how it’s done.

Another thing you might not know is how LinkedIn helps your personal and business search engine rankings. It starts with your profile title. It’s natural to just type in your job title, such as “President of XYZ Corp.” But instead, try to think of the keywords someone might query on Google to find a professional with your skill-set or business services that match with your company’s capabilities.

This blog post from Social Media examiner provides a good example of an effective description, along with several smart tips on getting the most value from your LinkedIn profile. Try a couple of suggestions and see what happens.

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