Building Brand Loyalty

“When it comes to the choices we make as consumers, we know emotion plays a big part in that process. For many people, they can’t necessarily explain why they love one brand over another or why they might drive to three different stores to find it. Logic isn’t often a factor… call it Loyalty Beyond Reason,” said Brian Sheehan in a recent leadership blog.

So how do you build consumer devotion to your brand? For brands to generate this “Loyalty Beyond Reason” in their consumers, they must be reliable and respected. Brand devotion comes from repeatedly delivering what you say you will.

“Consumers who are loyal to a brand — loyal beyond reason even – are not fanatics. They don’t obsess over their purchases, they simply see them as an essential part of everyday life, because — and this is crucial — they have developed a relationship with a brand that is built on respect and love.”

Technically Marketing shared 6 tips to building brand loyalty for your company:

  1. Create stories that communicate the personality, values and experiences of your brand.
  2. Create a community that builds buzz around your brand by providing value and motivation to your consumers.
  3. Anticipate your customers’ needs. Listen and focus on their wants.
  4. Deliver promises. Show you care about exceeding your customers’ expectations.
  5. Be consistent. Consistency keeps your brand top-of-mind.
  6. Be personal. Drive a strategy of conversational marketing, and focus on building customer relationships.

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