The South Carolina Advantage: Manufacturing

“That’s the South Carolina advantage — what we can give to companies is the knowledge that if they come here, they’ll find success.” -Bobby Hitt

South Carolina’s economy is growing… fast.

According to recent statistics from the South Carolina Department of Commerce, the state’s GDP growth rate of 2.7 percent is just above the 2.5 percent national average; and South Carolina is significantly ahead of the 2.1 percent average of the Southeast region. This growth is greatly attributed to manufacturing, which grew 8.5 percent last year, compared to the national average of 7.8 percent. sat down with South Carolina Commerce Secretary Bobby Hitt to discuss this amazing growth. (To read the full interview transcript, click here.)

While many attribute South Carolina’s economic success to cheap land and labor, Hitt disagrees and insists the state’s success is due to its laissez faire approach to business.

“We run a customizable state. We don’t attempt to steer companies or campaign for business plans that benefit our state over the business. We look for strong companies, provide them the resources they need, and let them conduct business as they see fit,” said Hitt.

Hitt also believes the state’s solid workforce has helped fuel its own success.

“South Carolina has been widely recognized for having a ready and available workforce and excellent worker training programs. The state’s Technical College System does a great job of preparing workers, and its readySC program has been recognized by national organizations and publications. Companies know they can come to South Carolina and have a pool of workers who know how to build things,” said Hitt.

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