Build Your Brand In Two Easy Steps

“If you have a small business, you have probably realized that the success of your brand depends to a large extent on the effectiveness of your online presence. You know that in order to grow, you have to keep finding new customers (or, more accurately, you have to help new customers find you.)”

A great article from Advertising Solutions suggests entrepreneurs dedicate a mere 10 minutes a day to improve their business’ online visibility. Of course, the more time you dedicate, the greater the outcome, but here are their two easy steps:

website1. Focus on your website.

“Think of it like a window display. It requires frequent fresh visual interest as well as routine maintenance and cleanup.” Posting new photos and videos every so often can boost your page’s appeal to consumers and create a more engaging site. Also, make your website SEO-friendly with key words and phrases. The more searchable and engaging your site is, the more engaged your consumers will be.

2. Focus on social media.

Engagement is, again, the key to success here. “If you spend time each day either creating or adding to your profile on one single social media outlet, or engaging with a fan who has reviewed or commented on your business, you will continually build your brand’s online audience.” Although, we suggest dedicating more time to social media so your consumers see you as a responsive and active company.

Your online presence can do wonders for you business. So take time each day to improve your website and social media outlets, and, before long, you’ll enjoy an abundant return on a limited investment.

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