3 Best Practices for B2B Email Marketing

Over the past decade, email marketing has gotten a bad rep. Spam and viruses had people writing off email marketing, until now:

emailmarketin“With the success bloggers have had in adopting email marketing, it took very little time for B2B content marketers to regain email momentum it had lost due to the ill-gotten reputation of the decade before. It never completely went away, but today, we see a new renaissance in email marketing both in B2B and B2C contexts,” said Business 2 Community blogger Kevin Goldberg.

Goldberg shared his top three email marketing practices. Here’s our condensed version:

1. Choose your platform wisely.

Intuitive mailing systems like AWeber and MailChimp provide more legitimate of sending email by targeting subscribers, converting social and browsing leads into targeted marketing opportunities and allowing recipients to unsubscribe. Systems like these also allow for rich-media marketing templates that are more aesthetically pleasing. Do your research and choose which platform works best for your business.

2. Backlink.

Backlinking: providing a series of simple and quick links that allow the reader to quickly open and consider your company. Goldberg says, “In my experience this can make all the difference, especially in the sense if someone reads the email, like what you have to say but has to pass it on, they can forward a URL to their superiors or another interested party.”

3. Avoid NoReply emails.

Always allow recipients to reply directly to emails so they can open a conversation with you. The whole point of email marketing is to position your company as experts and build relationships with potential clients. Allowing them to respond to your email marketing tactics is the first step to building these relationships and a great way to receive feedback.

To read the full version of Goldberg’s “3 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices”, click here.

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