5 Ways to Win New Business

Long-term, loyal clients and customers may keep your business afloat, but new business is what will make it sail.

Entrepreneur James Caan shared some insights in a LinkedIn blog about the importance of attracting new business:

“It’s easy to become complacent when you know you have a certain number of guaranteed clients – but when new ones come in, your staff knows they have to go that extra mile and impress them. Keeping that steady flow of contracts coming through the door certainly isn’t easy and there is no magic formula. However, I believe there are certain things that any organization can do to improve their chances.”

Here are Caan’s “Four Key Ways to Win New Business”:

  1. Use your team. – “Although there are certain people within the organization who are tasked with winning business, everybody can make a contribution.”
  2. Build your reputation. – “It is much harder to build up a good reputation than it is to earn a bad one.”
  3. Learn how to pitch. – “The key to a winning pitch is a mixture of doing your homework, being as sincere as possible and having great presentation skills.”
  4. Use the personal touch. – “Look to build up a good rapport with companies and key people within them. The key is to constantly stay in touch with them and build up that personalized relationship.”

We have a fifth key to add: REFERRALS! In finding new business, there is no better place to look than referrals from your existing clients. See if your current clients would be willing to refer their own clients, friends and other businesses to you. Referrals make your business instantly attractive to a prospective client, especially when you are providing an exceptional service or product. If you continue to impress your current clients, referrals won’t be hard to gain.

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