5 Coaching Strategies to Improve Employee Performance

Former college football player, coach and founder of three companies, Brent Frei, recently contributed an article to Entrepreneur entitled, “5 Ways To Coach Your Employees to the Top of Their Game.”

gameplan“One of the most important goals for a coach or entrepreneur is to develop ‘A’ players who are really productive… Finding the ‘A’ players is hard enough, but unleashing them so they can deliver maximum value to the team or the company is yet another hurdle.”

To Frei, the ‘A’ players set themselves apart by not only exceeding expectations but by helping their team members meet their goals as well. So how do you keep your ‘A’ players on their ‘A’ game?

Here are Frei’s 5 strategies to leading both your employees and your company to success:

  1. Publish a game plan. – Link employees’ work and tasks to clear business objectives.
  2. Put your starters on the special teams. – Assign your top performers to your company’s most critical projects.
  3. Examine performance. – Install a management oversight system to correct employee errors and mistakes as well as reward great work.
  4. Be clear about roles and dependencies. – Make sure employees know their assignments and the assignments of coworkers they depend on.
  5. Trust your best players. – Rely on your company’s top performers and trust in their ability to make adjustments without having to look over their shoulders.

To read more of Brent Frei’s insights to entrepreneurship, read his blog here.

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