Dilemma in Filling Manufacturing Jobs

South Carolina’s manufacturing sector continues to be a vital economic force in the nation. Ranked 12th in manufacturing job growth, the state has the fastest-growing manufacturing GDP on the East coast.


“Since January 2011, South Carolina has recruited more than $9 billion in capital investment and more than 23,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector,” said Dennis Bray, national president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Bray also notes that one-third of those jobs have been created in the Upstate.


However, growing thousands of jobs is not enough to succeed in the global marketplace; you must fill the positions.

The Upstate currently has 5,500 manufacturing jobs available.

“Workforce development in the United States has become a national imperative, and it requires the full force of our priorities on our national and regional agendas to solve this dilemma,” said Bray.

Bray attributes the dilemma to the knowledge gap among workers.

“In the 81,000 manufacturing jobs that have been created since 2011, states in the Southeast demonstrate they are making strides toward bridging the knowledge gap — though still not sufficient to meet future demand,” said Bray.

Automation Engineering Company is helping bridge the gap through their cooperative learning program with Clemson University giving college students hands-on experience in the industry.

Duer Carolina Coil is also helping bridge the gap through an education program to aid students who want to enter the manufacturing workforce but might not want to attend college.

What can your manufacturing business do to bridge the knowledge gap for workers in the industry?

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