6 Innate Abilities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Most successful entrepreneurs are born with innate entrepreneurial abilities. These characteristics are critical to their success, and, lucky for them, come naturally when doing business.

A contributor to Forbes, Holly Magister, has noted “6 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Always Do.” Here is her list:

  1. BossWomanSeeks the counsel of others. – Truly successful entrepreneurs respect those who have gone before them and seek advice from them.
  2. Decides entrepreneurial course based on a macro-view. – They see the big picture before others do and take decisive action.
  3. Hires smart people. – Successful entrepreneurs hire employees and advisors who, in many cases, are more intelligent than him or herself.
  4. Attributes success to the efforts of others. – They create a work environment based on accountability and mutual respect, acknowledging and celebrating the efforts or others.
  5. Holds a positive outlook. – Successful entrepreneurs bring enthusiasm and optimism to their business every day.
  6. Perseveres when others would quit. – “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence,” said Calvin Coolidge, and any successful entrepreneur would agree.

Entrepreneurs succeed because of these repeated, good habits. What good habits have helped you run a successful business?

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