Paying It Forward Entrepreneur Style

Many business owners live by an “ask and ye shall receive” approach to get their companies up and running. However, in the spirit of the holidays, we have a better approach in mind: Give and ye shall receive.

PayItForward-Grow“To forge connections and relationships—the kinds of relationships that reap major, long-term rewards—you need to start by putting value into the system, not by asking, asking, and asking some more with the small hope that every now and then someone will say, ‘Yes.’ You can’t make withdrawals before you make meaningful deposits,” said Dharmesh Shah, Founder of HubSpot.

Pay it forward as opposed to paying it back. Shah shared 5 things entrepreneurs can give:

  1. Unexpected compliments. – Expected birthday parties are fun, but surprise birthday parties are the best. Unexpected things make larger and more lasting impacts, so genuinely compliment someone for something they would least expect.
  2. Critical feedback on products or services. –Constructive feedback can be extremely helpful to other entrepreneurs. Just make sure it is thoughtful and considered and asks nothing in return.
  3. Useful referrals and smart introductions – While many businessmen and women may ask for referrals, few offer them without prompt. Be the few. Introduce people within your network that may benefit from each other and they’ll likely return the favor.
  4. Time. – In business, everyone knows there is nothing more valuable than someone else’s time. Offer yours by assisting another company’s charity or fundraising event or just by offering a listening ear.
  5. The answer to an unasked question. – Behind many questions is the unasked question someone really wants answered. Pay attention and answer both the question asked and unasked.

Read Shah’s LinkedIn article, “Pay It Forward: Give and Ye Shall Receive,” for more insights.

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