The Big Advantages of Small Business

Small Business Saturday is this Saturday, November 30. It is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. A day we all “shop small.” And, in honor of that day, we’re celebrating the advantages smaller companies have over their larger competitors.

SmallBizSatAdvantage #1: Small businesses are more than just a logo.

Small business owners have the unique opportunity to build relationships with their customers on a personal level. Through face-to-face networking and community involvement, owners can build goodwill and make their company more likeable.

Advantage #2: These personal relationships build loyalty.

Knowing the owner of a particular company inclines most people to do business with that company. As small business owners build relationships within their community, they will also build loyal customers.

Advantage #3: The “shop local” movement is not a fad.

People know the importance of supporting their local business communities. They know that putting their money back into the local economy isn’t just good for them; it’s good for everyone.

Be sure and “shop small” this upcoming Saturday and celebrate the wonderful advantages of owning a “small shop.”

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