Advice from a Startup CEO

CEO George Bell knows the path to entrepreneurial success is a bumpy one. He has worked his way up in the corporate world, served as the CEO for multiple startups, transitioned from business to business and sold some of his startups for millions. Through all of this, he has gained invaluable business experiences as well as priceless insight.

georgebellIn a recent blog from, Bell shares his five best pieces of advice:

“You have to adjust on the fly.” – If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be flexible and resilient. Thinking on your feet is a must; so is always having a backup plan.

“We all need someone to give us a chance.” – Don’t be scared to put some skin in the game and seek further opportunities. Reach out to others. Give someone the opportunity to take a chance on you and your business.

“Taking risks increases your value.” – While not everything you do as an entrepreneur is going to turn into a success story, it will gain you valuable experience and connections. Don’t be afraid fail. As John Wooden once said, “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”

“Go after what gets you excited.” – Don’t let money drive your career choices. Do what you love because you love it. True entrepreneurs chase their passion, not a paycheck.

“The best entrepreneurs are both optimists and realists.” – Set your expectations high to push yourself, but set realistic goals with business finances.

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