An Entrepreneur’s Best Time Saver

Serial Entrepreneur Dave Kerpen recently wrote a blog for Inc. entitled “The 1 Work Hack That Will Save You 900 Hours a Year.” Quite the promise, don’t you think?


According to Kerpen, one can save hundreds of hours per year by doing one simple thing: Never ending a meeting without already beginning your next steps.

“[In a meeting,] I won’t end the discussion until everyone clearly understands their next steps, and until I’ve actually begun any next steps of my own,” said Kerpen. “Begin your next steps during a meeting, and you will never have to spend a minute reviewing notes or figuring out what’s next.”

Most people leave meetings with notes and a list of to-dos, and then spend 30 minutes following the meeting organizing and prioritizing their next steps. By beginning your next step during the meeting, you save yourself and your company a ton of time.

“Of course, if you’re a leader, you won’t just be assigning yourself next steps, you will be asking others to follow up on things as well. That’s where productivity can really increase exponentially, as you can help everyone in your organization to adopt this simple but powerful practice,” said Kerpen.

Kerpen believes that reserving 20-percent of every meeting to review next steps is a good rule of thumb. During this set aside time, you should make sure all team members understand what they need to do next and to begin their next steps NOW.

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