Essential Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs know how important increased productivity is for their business. It adds dollars to their bottom line. And, for small business owners with few hands to go around, increased productivity allows them more time for the important things.

Here are four simple productivity tips and suggestions to help save you time:

  1. Take notes. – The first step is getting your brain uncluttered so it has more space for problem solving. Make to-do lists. Write down step-by-step instructions. Keep post-its around to jot reminders on. Anytime you have a thought, record it. Use your phone, laptop, scratch paper, white board or whatever is around. Just make sure you are constantly writing things down.
  2. Create short to-do lists. – While jotting things down, make sure you don’t create a to-do list with more than 5 items per day. Shorter to-do lists are less overwhelming and help you get more done. It also helps to list your to-do items in order of priority. Get the urgent things done first, so if you don’t finish them all at least the important things were done.
  3. Type faster. – If you are still typing with two fingers on the keyboard, you’re doing it wrong. It’s important to know how to type quickly and effectively without looking at the keyboard. Check out It features a free typing speed test as well as advice on how to improve your typing skills.
  4. Use keyboard shortcuts. – Once you’ve improved your keyboard skills, teach yourself some shortcuts. Learn how to cut, copy and paste without right clicking the mouse. Open a tab, save a document and print a brochure without even reaching for your mouse. Here are lists of Windows shortcuts and Apple shortcuts to use.

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