The Pay Off of Happy Employees

Instinctively, most entrepreneurs know that happy employees are central to the success of their businesses. And now we have proof…

happyResearch conducted by the University of Warwick in Britain was released this month and found that happiness makes people 12 percent more productive.

So how do you make your employees happy? Richard Branson has a few ideas:

“We at Virgin find a flexible working policy to be very effective… as long as they do their work, our employees can work whenever they want, from wherever they want,” said Branson. He also suggests well-designed offices with plenty of sunlight, stimulating work tasks and a reward program.

Other research always shows that a healthier workforce makes for a happier workforce. Many companies achieve this by hosting yoga or Zumba® classes in the office, and other companies encourage activity through a goals and rewards system.

Simply demonstrating that you respect, trust and care about the well being of your employees boosts their happiness levels, and in turn, their productivity. What are you doing to ensure your employees’ happiness?

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