5 Tips from Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a tough gig whether you’re running a small business or a multi-national corporation. You have to successfully manage your time and resources, make tough decisions and plan for the future.

adviceLuckily, some CEOs have mastered these tasks and shared some of their entrepreneurial secrets. Check them out:

  • “The counterintuitive secret to sustainable great performance is to live like a sprinter. In practice, that means working at your highest intensity in the mornings, for no more than 90 minutes at a time, and then taking a break.” –Tony Schwartz, president of the Energy Project.
  • “I use the cone of silence when I’m working on a complex project that I need to concentrate on. Being able to focus intensely without interruption is a valuable productivity tool for everyone at Fifth Column Games.” –Andrew Marsh, CEO of Fifth Column Games.
  • “I find it’s been immensely helpful for me to pay attention to when in the day I’m most productive (what hours, under what conditions) and aggressively guard that time for focused work.” –Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse.
  • “Shut down Outlook, turn off new email notifications on your BlackBerry, do whatever you have to do to muffle the interruption of email.” –Gina Trapani, founder of ThinkUp.
  • And last, but not least: “Delegation is the most important fuel for productivity.” –Daniel Tan Kh, web entrepreneur.

What tips have you found helpful as an entrepreneur?

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