Limping South Carolina Economy? Doubtful.

According to a report from the U.S. Commerce Department, South Carolina’s economy “limped” through 2013 with the state’s gross domestic product growing only 1.2 percent.

The unrevised numbers raised the suspicions of one economist studying the state’s economic conditions.

“I can’t help but question the numbers, even though I understand who it is that is putting the numbers out,” said Mark Vitner, an economist from Charlotte.

South Carolina’s 2012 gross domestic product was revised upward by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Board of Economic Analysis to a 1.5 percent growth rate in the report, still down significantly from the 3.1 percent annual output reported in 2011.


But what about the Palmetto’s States other numbers? Like its economic increase from $178 billion in 2012 to $184 billion in 2013. Or the unemployment rate that fell in April to 5.3 percent, its lowest level in more than 10 years!

Of course, most of the economic boost and job creation stems from the state’s manufacturing sectors.

“Our goal is to keep the economy moving. … There’s a reason why they’re naming us the beast of the Southeast. The economy is turning. It’s a lot different than it was in 2011, and my hope is that 2017-2018 is a lot different than it is in 2014,” said Governor Nikki Haley.