5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Mornings

For an entrepreneur, time is limited and valuable. Proper planning and sleep are what create top performers. Want to know how to make the most of each waking hour? Maximize your time and efficiency by doing these five things before bed:

1. Look at your weekly planner.  You’ve heard it before: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Review your planner every night and come up with a strategy to tackle the next day. This will help you sleep better and get a jumpstart on the day because you already have a plan!

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2. Lay out your exercise gear. Whether you go to a gym, run in your neighborhood or simply walk your dog in the mornings, have your gear out and ready to go. This helps minimize the risk of skipping your workout and it only takes a minute to do. Taking care of your health is an extremely important part of a business owner’s lifestyle.

3. Cut off communications. Sleep is critical to a successful entrepreneur’s healthy lifestyle. After checking your planner, put your phone on silent or airplane mode to assure it can’t disturb your REM cycle. Any disruption to your sleep will leave you drowsy and slow your workday performance.

4. Keep a journal. Jot down your thoughts of the day in a notebook. This practice will help you process and make sense of your feelings. You can review the day’s triumphs, reflect on your appreciation and meditate about life. Just two minutes should do the trick.

5. Read a book. Another contribution to a good night’s sleep? Reading a quality book. Reading before bed is a great way to soothe your mind and make that final transition into sleep.

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