3 Simple Social Media Rules

When used correctly, social media for a business can boost search engine rankings, help provide better customer service, foster relationships with potential partners and educate consumers.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.52.57 AMIt’s all very simple really. You create great content, share it on a social media platform and engage with your customers. Most entrepreneurs, however, fall short on the engagement step.

Here are three easy steps to engage with your customers and build an audience on almost any social network:

Answer them! – You’ve heard it before: “Communication is a two-way street.” Would you ignore a customer or client’s email or voicemail? Then why not respond to them in the same way on social media? We understand it can feel intimidating to answer questions publicly, but not answering them is not an option. Keep an eye on your Twitter and Facebook accounts and make sure your responses are helpful and timely.

Like them! – When mentioned on social media by a customer, a simple response acts as a virtual thank you. You can ‘like’ their comment, favorite it, retweet it, share it, +1 it or send a simple reply like, “Thanks for mentioning us!” When you acknowledge someone’s mention, you show that you value their business and their opinion.

Thank them! – If someone retweets a post or shares your latest blog, send a quick message to thank them – publicly or privately. Your followers will appreciate the recognition as much as you appreciate the praise. And when you form relationships through social media, you build lasting brand advocates for your business.

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