South Carolina Showing Considerable Employment Growth

The United States’ manufacturing sector was in its 13th consecutive economic growth month this June. Manufacturing jobs also rose for the 11th straight month in June.

SC-mfgworkersAs the national economy continues to gather momentum, the employment situation in South Carolina has shown considerable improvement as well. The number of South Carolinians working has continued to increase in recent months, rising for 10 straight months and reaching a historic high in May of 2.05 million.

Sujit CanagaRetna, fiscal policy manager for the Council of State Governments in Atlanta, believes the state’s lowering unemployment rate (from 6.3 percent in May to 6.1 percent in June) will create additional jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Investments continue to flow into the Southeast, driving additional manufacturing growth and employment. In fact, three separate economic development announcements were made last month to mark the most jobs announced in a single day in South Carolina’s history.

Mark Vitner, an area economist, believes South Carolina has a considerable comparative advantage to many other parts of the country.

“The state is one of the lowest-cost places to do business and offers a central location right in the heart of one of the fastest-growing parts of the country,” Vitner said.

This is good news for manufacturers and job seekers alike.

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