How To Genuinely Connect With Your Employees

Think of the difference it could make for your company to have every one of your employees excited about problem solving by expressing ideas, making recommendations and taking care of their customers. Enthusiasm breeds performance, but where does this enthusiasm stem from? You.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.26.34 PMWhen bosses communicate openly with their employees, recognize them for hard work and connect with them, it improves morale and the company’s bottom line.

Use these five strategies to create genuine connections with your employees and improve your business:

1. Create a safe haven. – In some businesses, bosses use intimidation tactics to encourage hard work. Unfortunately, fear causes employees to contribute less and disconnect from the company. Instead, provide your people with a safe haven to bring forward ideas and speak the truth. Encourage open and honest discussions with your employees.

2. Break down barriers to information. – Information is power. Don’t wield this over your employees. Inform them about what’s going on in the organization and communicate with them openly. Only when your people have complete knowledge of the business will they feel genuinely connected to their jobs.

3. Undo the organization. – The old-school business model was rigid with a “big brother” feel. Implement a new business model built on speed, flexibility and active involvement. Trust your employees to do their jobs without constantly looking over their shoulders.

4. Engage your people. – Develop and install an employee suggestion system. Your employees are a tremendous resource. Use them. Let them know they are an important part of your business and that you value their thoughts and ideas.

5. Make recognition a way of life. – Recognize and reward your employees for a job well done. A simple, verbal or written thank-you will suffice. Your employees just want to know that you are paying attention and are aware of the hard work they are doing for your company.

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