How to Identify Mental Strength

Mental strength involves more than just willpower. It is how you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts and behave positively despite negative situations. This kind of strength requires hard work and commitment, and is often most apparent in the midst of tragedy.

Here are five characteristics of mentally strong individuals:


1. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. – Mentally strong people don’t waste time dwelling on the past or blaming their circumstances. They take responsibility for their actions and understand that life is not fair. These individuals emerge from difficult circumstances with stronger self-awareness and an appreciation for the lessons learned.

2. They stay in control of their emotions. – Mentally strong people don’t give away their power by allowing others to make them feel inferior. They control their actions and know their strength lies in their ability to manage their response to tense situations.

3. They embrace change. – Mentally strong people welcome challenges. Uncertainty energizes them and brings out their best work performance. They thrive on the unknown and don’t waste their energy worrying about things they cannot control.

4. They are not people pleasers. – Mentally strong people strive to be kind and fair but are not afraid to speak up. They know that you cannot please every one all the time and are able to handle such situations with grace.

5. They celebrate others’ successes. – Mentally strong people are not jealous or resentful when their colleagues succeed. They feel genuine joy for others, and are willing to take note and work hard for a chance at their own success.

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