Three Human Resources Myths Exposed

There is a wealth of misinformation out in the world about how to hire and treat employees. And if you want to build a rich, sustainable company culture, following these myths can make a mess of your leadership goals.

Here are three common workplace myths that should be forgotten:


1. “Hire slowly, fire quickly.” – While “hire slowly” has its good points, applying “fire quickly” to new employees who aren’t immediately successful is cruel. It takes time to settle into a new job at a new company. By following “fire quickly,” you are throwing away human potential and wasting resources for your company. Instead engage in the more difficult ”coach quickly” and “make adjustments quickly” to see your employees and your company succeed.

2. “Go on your gut.” – This is a judge a book by its cover mentality. If people went on their guts, they probably wouldn’t hire tattooed, pierced or young Millennials, no matter how great their potential. It’s good to trust your instincts, but don’t let preconceptions make your decisions.

3. “Turnover is inevitable.  You can manage this fact, but you’ll never transform it.” – With this assumption, you put yourself in dangerous territory, especially with younger employees. While Millenials may be known for hopping from job to job, you can’t always be waiting for them to take the leap. Don’t consider them as disposable employees because you don’t expect them to stick around forever. Treat every employee like they’ll be part of your company’s family forever.

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