Employee Engagement and Your Business

A recent ADP study found that when employees become disengaged at work because of boredom, dissatisfaction or simply not being inspired by their jobs, each employee represented more than $2,000 in annual loss for the company. At that cost, a business with 100 disengaged workers on staff could stand to lose $60,000 per year.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.19.04 PMThis is why employee engagement matters. But sadly, only 30% of employees in a recent Gallup poll said they felt engaged by the work they do, and less than half (49%) of the employees surveyed by ADP said they felt their company’s management created a culture that drove high performance.

Keep in mind these three key strategies for putting your employees back in the center of your company’s mission:

1. Create opportunities.

Employees want to feel rewarded. So when an employer creates opportunities for employees to learn, the message becomes one of investment. And when that potential is in play, your workforce re-engages, developing and fulfilling ambitions.

2. Collaborate.

Does your company’s rules of interaction include opportunities that allow an employee’s valuable idea to stand in the sun? When you recognize your workers’ efforts, you fuel progressive new moves and further engagement.

3. Hire to engage.

When interviewing potential managers, seek candidates who will fit the culture you’re trying to build. Make sure their goal is to be both a leader and a mentor. They should represent the same passion for career growth and personal growth as the employees that report to them.

If you know your company is lacking in employee engagement, take a step back and re-craft your company’s culture. It is the key to engaging your team. And that engagement should keep your talent and resources at the core of your business.

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