Four Tips to Improve Your Business Meetings

Are your business meetings producing results? If not, you’re wasting yours, your employees’ and your business’s valuable time and money. Here are four suggestions to get the most out of your company gatherings:

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1. Know what you want to accomplish.

Why are you scheduling the meeting? Write down a list of goals you want accomplished during the meeting, present the list to your team and do not leave the meeting until you’ve checked each one off.

2. Write a summary. 

Before the meeting, craft a one-page summary of major points you need to make and send it to your team. This will let your employees gather their own thoughts before the meeting, which will result in a much more efficient flow during the meeting.

3. Encourage participation from everyone.

Create a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their individual opinions, and don’t let a small group of people take control of the meeting. Give everyone a chance to express his or her thoughts on the matter at hand.

4. Create deadlines.

Set specific timelines to accomplish the goals set during the meeting, and make sure everyone is on the same page.  Everyone should know their individual tasks, the order they need to complete them in and the deadline by which they should be completed.

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