Three Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Résumés don’t reveal everything about a job candidate. Even some interviews leave hiring managers with lingering questions and concerns. So how can you cut through the noise?

Use these three techniques during an interview to make sure you don’t end up with “hiring remorse”:

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1. Make them audition.
Go beyond the candidate’s résumé and have them put their experience to practice. Give them a scenario and see how they respond. Hiring a sales representative? Make them sell you something. A copywriter? Make them brainstorm with you. A software developer? Make them solve a problem.  Put them in the position and see how they prepare for the task and handle the pressure.

2. Coach them.
How well does the candidate listen, adapt and externalize knowledge? Find out with this quick test: Ask the candidate to give you a corporate pitch of the company. Then, share your 30-second corporate pitch, ask them to try again and see how well they adjust. This test will reveal how well they can soak in and regurgitate new information.

3. The airport test.
Could you stand being stuck in an airport with the candidate for more than 10 hours? It’s a simple, and important, question. Cultural fit is one of the most important aspects to consider when hiring. You will be spending 8 hours a day with this person—it may as well be someone you actually like.

Work experience and developed skills are important when considering a candidate, but they don’t give you a complete picture. Try the above techniques to make sure you’re hiring top-notch talent for your company.

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