How to Build a Positive Professional Reputation

Do you represent yourself and your company well? Sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference. Keep your credibility in tact—or begin building it—by following these four principles:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.04.13 PMBe truthful. – Your credibility is rooted in your honesty. The long-term costs of lying in business outweigh any short-term benefits. Sometimes even the smallest of fibs can damage your reputation.

Be trustworthy. – Deliver on your promises. Every commitment you make is an opportunity to raise or lower your credibility. Create realistic expectations and strive to meet or exceed them whenever possible. And if you can’t keep a promise, let people know immediately and do what you can to make it up to them.

Be on time. – A big part of your credibility is your dependability. People want to work with someone who can meet deadlines and respects others’ schedules by being punctual. Always be prepared for delays by giving yourself buffer time.

Be human. – Failure is inevitable in business. Own up to your mistakes as soon as they occur. Don’t attempt cover-ups or blame others. Take responsibility and find solutions. People will only respect you more.

Begin building a positive professional reputation for yourself and your business today.

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