Five Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Great leadership doesn’t happen overnight. It takes experience—both successes and failures—to become a great leader. And it also takes a bit of advice.

BetterPersonHere are five tips to becoming a better leader:

1. Don’t micromanage. – Empower your team members, but have enough faith in them to take a step back. A good leader leads from front and back.

2. Show compassion to your team. – When employees make mistakes, don’t destroy them. Give them opportunities to learn and grow, and let them know you are on their side.

3. Encourage opposition. – Promote open communication in your company by providing your team with the comfort to speak openly and candidly with you.

4. Focus. – Concentrate on one goal and stick to it. In business, it is better to be really good at one thing than okay at five different things.

5. Be curious. – Everyone is a student in life, so keep your learning cap on. Go to networking events, attend TED talks and take classes. There is always more to experience and discover.

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