How to Grow In Your Leadership Role

Leadership is learned. It is not a birthright. It takes time to develop, and may come easier to some than others, but if you dedicate your actions to growth, you’ll become a leader in no time.

ListeningHere are four everyday actions to help you grow into a leadership role:

Listen. – People want to know that they matter. Actively listen to your team – their ideas, their complaints, their triumphs. And be open and encouraging during conversation. When they know they are being heard, you’ll be the one they look to.

Encourage. – Show your team members support and cultivate their growth through encouragement. Don’t be pushy, but rely on your listening skills to pick up on when they need that extra nudge to do great things.

Develop. – Leaders aren’t egocentric. Take the time to develop and aid your team’s growth. Teach them to do what you do. Lead by example and be an open book to your employees by offering up your time and sharing your resources.

Inspire. – Again, lead by example. Be a source of inspiration through your own actions and attitude. Lift people with kindness and compassion, and motivate them through your own work ethic and dedication.

Ruling with an iron fist doesn’t inspire or encourage. Exemplifying leadership through your every day actions will. Get started today!

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