How to Better Manage Your Email Inbox

According to a McKinsey Global Institute study, one-quarter of a worker’s day is spent reading and answering emails. Business leaders, CEOs and managers often receive hundreds a day. While email is an extremely useful communication tool—it’s less intrusive than a phone call and helps you run your business from anywhere—it can be draining on your time and energy.

Black businesswoman using two phones at deskUse these four strategies to better manage your inbox and keep your email clutter to a minimum:

Set aside specific times to read and respond to emails. –  To avoid being distracted throughout the day, don’t leave your email open. Alerts from incoming messages can interrupt your workflow and leave you unfocused. Instead, schedule specific time blocks throughout the day for opening and responding to email.

Unsubscribe. – Newsletters and advertisements overwhelm inboxes and bury important emails. Unsubscribe from mailings you have no use for to begin cleaning out the clutter.

Take immediate action. – Don’t delay until tomorrow what you can do today. Keep your inbox under control with immediate actions and responses. Read through each message and either respond or jot down the action you need to take. Don’t let important emails sit in your inbox for days. Tackle them immediately.

Organize your inbox. – Sifting through your emails, you probably notice that majority of them can be deleted. But for the emails you need to keep, create folders to help organize and keep track of them. Prioritize, group and file message to keep your inbox organized.

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