Six Ways to Impress Your New Hire

First impressions are important to new hires. They want to show they are capable and fit in well with your company. But just as important is the impression your company gives to them.

Attract the right talent and put new hires at ease with these six ways to make the first day a great one:

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Be prepared.
Have everything ready for your new hire’s first day. When they arrive, make sure they are greeted, their workspace is ready and there are set objectives for the day.

Give them a tour.
An office tour is vital for a new hire’s first day, no matter the size of the company. Show them the facilities, introduce coworkers and help the new employee feel comfortable with their new surroundings.

Get paperwork out of the way.
This is a necessary but boring process for newcomers, so get it out of the way early. Keep the process quick and efficient so they aren’t spending their entire first day filling out forms.

Start training.
Help the new hire feel confident about their role and contribution by starting their training on day one. It’s okay to start small. Demonstrate how equipment is used or explain what steps should be taken on certain assignments. The point is to get them started and feeling comfortable within their new job.

Assign a mentor.
New hires are going to have questions during their first few weeks and you aren’t going to be available all the time to answer them. Assign a specific mentor to help them feel comfortable and confident.

Get feedback.
Before the end of their first day, ask them how it went. Is there anything they need? Do they have any concerns? This feedback can help you improve your onboarding process for future new hires.

Utilize these tips to make the first day of work a seamless transition for all of your new hires.

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