5 Simple Ways to Show Your Employees Some Love

There’s a lot to be said for leaders who love their people. When employees feel secure, appreciated and cherished, they rarely look for outside opportunities. And why would they?

giftSpread the love to your employees with these five simple tactics:

Awards – Reward and recognize your staff regularly. Employee of the Month, Best Dressed, Go-Getter—you name it and then make an award for it. It can be as simple as creating a certificate or purchasing a plaque. Just let your employees know you appreciate their hard work and excellence.

Gifts – These don’t have to be anything fancy. But if an employee seems super stressed out or someone has gone above and beyond his or her normal job duties, give them a little something to let them know that you care. A Starbucks gift card or fresh baked good will usually do the trick.

Outings – Take your employees out to lunch or attend a community event with them. Let them know you’re interested in their lives outside the walls of the office. Get to know them on a personal level—what makes them tick, what are their goals, etc.

Birthday salutes – Put your team members’ birthdays in a calendar and keep track of them. Wish them a happy birthday, get them a card and give them something sweet as a special treat. They’ll love that you remembered and took special notice of their special day.

Verbal and handwritten compliments – It takes less than a minute to thank an employee for a job well done—and a handwritten note adds the perfect personal touch.

While these tactics may be modest, they can make a profound difference in your business and the relationships you create.

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