How to Keep Your Customers Happy

Happy customers don’t just happen. Purposeful actions are taken by a company to make a customer happy. It’s time to be proactive!

congratsSo here’s how to get started:

Measure your customers’ satisfaction. – You can’t improve something you can’t measure. Implement a telephone survey, monitor online feedback or create a customer satisfaction survey online. Usually only those with strong opinions will take the time to answer, so make sure to give all customers an overwhelmingly positive experience!

Follow up on these measures. – If any issues are identified through your feedback methods, address them. Take time to follow up with customers until both parties can receive a satisfying result.

Be an expert. – This doesn’t mean you should boast about your knowledge in the field. It means honestly educating and empowering your clients and customers. When they know they can trust you, they’ll never feel the need to give their business to anywhere else.

Use live chat. – Customers want convenience. And pressing eight buttons to get to an operator does not fit this definition. Allow your customers to bypass the button pushing and speak directly to an agent by offering online chat support.

Keep your team engaged and on board. – A recent Gallup study demonstrated that workgroups with higher levels of employee engagement had a higher number of highly satisfied and loyal customers. Coincidence? We think not.

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