The First 30 Minutes of Your Workday

How business owners deal with the first 30 minutes of their workday can have a great effect on the remainder of their day—how productive they are, how focused they are and even how happy they feel.


Here are six things successful individuals do to start their workday with a bang:

1. Reflect.

Build in quiet time and use this solitude to amp you up first thing in the morning. Ask yourself: “What have I achieved this week?” and “What do I want to achieve moving forward?”

2. Get comfortable.

Take time at the start of the workday to properly adjust your chair, keyboard, phone and computer mouse. Create appropriate lighting for your workspace. Setting a comfortable environment will help you function more efficiently.

3. Review.

Take a moment to look over your to-do list and make necessary adjustments. Concentrate on tasks that are truly important and not just urgent. Set a schedule that you can stick to without the stress of overworking.

4. Prioritize.

Go beyond creating a to-do list and challenge yourself to create a hierarchy of your tasks. After your reflection and review, this part of your morning should flow easier.

5. Greet the team.

As the leader, it is important to check in and visit with your team every morning. Having this friendly encounter at the start of each day will make the work environment more pleasant for everyone.

6. Be grateful.

Take some time and identify something you are grateful for—whether personal or business-related. Let this motivate your success throughout the day and help put things in perspective. There is always something to be grateful for.

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