Four Affordable Ways To Entertain Clients

Hosting clients or business colleagues is a complicated art. Many entrepreneurs believe the more lavish the outing, the more likely they are to win new business or gain a new partnership. But the truth is, the best way to lure customers creatively is to make the experience personal… and not go broke in the process.

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Here are four fun, affordable ways to entertain clients and business partners during their next visit:

Converse Over Coffee

This is an easy go-to when entertaining guests, but that’s because it works! Coffee allows you to conduct a business conversation without the distraction of a full meal. And the atmosphere of a coffee shop is one that encourages the flow of ideas and undivided attention. It’s also a more affordable option than hosting a client at a fancy restaurant for dinner.

Give Back

Inviting your client to an event for a charity you support is a great way to show off another side of your life and passions. Galas and charity events provide quality bonding and networking time for you and your client—with the added benefit of tax-deductible tickets.

Deliver a Treat

Brownies? A gift card? Baseball tickets? You name it, your client will appreciate it. You can’t go wrong personally delivering gifts to a client and their staff. It’s a feel-good moment that you and your client’s people will keep in mind when it’s decision-making time.

Community Event

What’s going on in your community? Stay up-to-date on events and invite your clients to attend some with you. Anything from a concert to a festival or even the farmer’s market will allow you to build that personal relationship with your client that could make your business relationship even stronger.

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