Would you work for your company?

From the moment you wrote the draft of your first business plan, you knew starting a company wouldn’t be easy. Balancing the books, creating the marketing materials, gaining the licenses, paying the taxes… it’s enough to make a person go insane.

With all of those responsibilities, the last thing on your mind is the culture you’ve built for your company. But shouldn’t it be the first?

Stop a minute and ask yourself, “Would I work for my company?”

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In February, Fortune released their 2015 list of top 100 places to work. Google, of course, reigned supreme once again. With its onsite fitness gym and medical care facility, it’s no surprise people love to work there.

While not every company can afford that type of luxury for their employees, Google does a lot that smaller companies can mimic for greater company culture.

For example, Google offers paid time off for volunteering. Employees giving back to the community benefits not only the charity itself, but also themselves and the company.

Edward Jones, number six on the top 100 list, allows associates the opportunity to become partners in their firm. They know that when they allow employees to have a say, they’ll take a greater ownership in the work they do.

When glancing over Fortune’s top 100 list, all of the employers share four similar traits:

1. They offer incredible benefits to their employees.

2. They communicate with their employees openly and in safe, informal environments.

3. Their company works together as a team, inspiring and celebrating each department and each others’ accomplishments.

4. They genuinely care about their employees, and they invest in them as people, not just as commodities.

While we can’t all be Google, there’s no reason we can’t be like them. Start building a stronger culture for your company today!

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