Six Characteristics of a Poor Leader

Loads of business articles share lists of attributes they believe make a great leader. We’ve even compiled a few in our blogs. But sometimes it’s easier to identify what we don’t want in a leader than what we do. And as a business owner or manager, it is important to recognize these red flags in your staff.

Here are six warning signs that someone may not be ready for a leadership position in your company:

Lacks empathy – If the employee can’t put him or herself in another person’s shoes, they will never gain the trust and respect needed to become a truly great leader.

adviceFears change – Yes, change is scary, but leaders who cannot embrace change are doomed to be left behind.

Overly bossy – Bossy does not equal a good boss. An employee who orders others around is unlikely to inspire loyalty from their team members.

Indecisive – Leaders have to make hard decisions. So someone who goes back and forth on options is usually lacking the self-confidence and gumption it takes to be a great leader.

Bad judge of character – An employee who doesn’t surround him or herself with the type of people who can help them rise to the top won’t survive in a leadership position.

These characteristics shouldn’t automatically bar someone from assuming a management position; they may just not be read to lead at this time. But their ability to grow out of these shortcomings is an indicator of a great leader. They just need the opportunity to improve…

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