Why Employee Engagement Matters

Employees want more from their employers, and it is time companies started listening.

A recent ADP report found that each disengaged worker represents more than $2,000 in annual loss. As this stat adds up per employee, the image of how disengagement can threaten a company’s future becomes clear.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.19.04 PMAn engaging workplace is key for any business looking to grow. This can mean revisiting the way employees are encouraged and empowered by the organization.

Here are three strategies to improve employee engagement at your company:

  1. Create new opportunities for employees to get re-engaged.

It’s time to invest in the team you’ve built. Create opportunities for your employees to develop their current skills and learn new ones. When an employee feels your dedication to their growth, they will become more dedicated to the company’s growth.

  1. Tap into the minds of your team.

Create a more collaborative culture at your organization by allowing your employees to have a voice. Shift from an old-school hierarchy to a team-based concept that encourages interactions and opportunities for your employees’ valuable ideas to be heard. Opening the lines of communication within your company lets employees know that they are valued and trusted.

  1. Employ for fit and not just skill.

When seeking to hire management, look for candidates who will strengthen the team culture you have built. Someone who can be both a leader and a mentor, and who has the same passion for personal and career growth as the employees they will lead.

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