5 Ways To Be More Human In Business

While technology has helped produce a more efficient and productive workday, it has also created a barrier by removing the good old-fashioned face-to-face rapport that keeps people loyal to your business. It has walled us off from one another and prevented us from building the kind of meaningful relationships we need to keep business flowing.

Get back to the basics of tried and true human interaction by practicing these five tips regularly:

Get out of your office. – Get out and go talk to your customers. Schedule a lunch each week with a potential strategic partner. Mentor someone just getting started in business. They’ll appreciate your effort and your time.

InterviewMake introductions. –  Get in the habit of making introductions and referrals. By supporting your customers, partners and suppliers, you’ll find some of richest personal interactions you could ever enjoy in business.

Create peer-2-peer interaction. – Chances are your customers share some of the same challenges, wins and needs. Consider putting together quarterly forums where they can gather and share best practices, industry trends, unmet needs and success stories.

Conduct results reviews. – One of the best reasons to reach out to customers is to ensure they actually got the results you promised. Results reviews are a great way for you to better understand the value of what you deliver.

Check-in. – Write five handwritten notes a week. Jump on LinkedIn and say hi for no reason. Call five clients today just to make sure everything is well in their world.

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