Vacation Planning for Business Owners

A new Constant Contact survey revealed 43% of small business owners don’t take any vacations during the year. Many believe they can’t afford to leave their business on its own for a week, but when it comes to your sanity, can you afford not to?

smallstepsWith proper planning, small business owners can take a week (or two!) away from the daily grind and come back refreshed and ready for work. Here are four tips to taking that much needed vacation this summer without feeling completely unattached from your company:

1. Redefine “vacation.” – Many business owners make the mistake of thinking a “vacation” means taking a long trip in which they’re completely unplugged. But entrepreneurs have the power to redefine what vacation means. You can take a four-day trip and check in with the office three times. If you can go a day or two without, that’s great, but it’s okay to touch base while you’re away.

2. Set boundaries. – While you may need to make the occasional call or email during your time away, you should also disconnect and enjoy your vacation. Get up every morning, take an hour or two to work, and take the rest of the day off.

3. Plan for your time off. – Do as much prep work as you can before leaving for vacation. Designate a go-to person as your second-in-command, and make sure your other employees know to contact this person during an emergency. Let your team know what’s in play, what could potentially come up and when they should contact you.

4. Let go. – Business owners like to be needed, so it’s a challenge to leave their company in others’ hands. But it can be extremely liberating to see your company run itself knowing you’ve hired the right people to keep it afloat.

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