Beef Up Your Business Card

Business cards are everywhere—stacked on your desk, stuffed in your drawers and stashed in your wallet. And yet, while we all know the importance of having a business card, we fail to see it as a marketing opportunity.

That stops now.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.25.36 PMSpiff up your business card with these five suggestions so that it starts collecting customers instead of dust:

1. Give your card a purpose. – Cards that multi-task are a conversation starter. Turn yours into a bookmark, an event ticket or a note card. Your business will automatically become a part of the discussion.

2. Challenge people. – Engage and amuse people when they read your business card by surprising them with a fun fact or figure. Pose a question or share a piece of trivia that applies to your industry and could help your company stand out.

3. Add credibility with testimonials. – Customers relate to other customers—which is why testimonials speak volumes. Add a short, powerful quote to the back of your card. It’s a great way to use valuable space that could otherwise go to waste.

4. Put a face to the name. – Put your photo on your card so you can become easily recognizable from your competition. Some people remember faces well and others remember names—with your business card, they’ll remember both.

5. Make the handoff memorable. – Use your card as a conversation starter to better understand the person’s needs. As you hand out your card, mention when you will follow up and reinforce a message about the value of your business.

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